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Andy's Arch | 38x18” (two panels), acrylic on canvas, stain on wood
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $1,800.00
A modern master of creating spiritual structures for power sites is English artist Andy Goldsworthy. This painting is based on Goldsworthy’s 1997 series of constructions and re-constructions of one single stone arch thus gradually “traveling” along an ancient shepherds’ route in the North of England. In this particular location, the juxtaposition with a giant rock – probably left in that spot by the last ice age – was especially evocative to the artist – as it apparently was to Goldsworthy. This duality is expressed with the use of two separate canvasses, while the ephemeral rubbing technique creates a sense of transparent lightness to the heavy rocks, referring only to their spiritual essence. | | | Resource Center | EP Store & Gallery

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