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May 2009

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Approaching Rohanda | 48”x48” (three panels), acrylic on canvas
Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $3,500.00
Stone Circles and other megalithic structures have been built by ancient societies almost everywhere around the globe, from Scandinavia to Madagascar and all over the Americas. Some of these structures are extremely elaborate and artistic; probably the most famous site - albeit relatively young - is the large ceremonial circle at Stonehenge, England. Writer Doris Lessing created her own mythology for the origin and use of these sites in her Shikasta tales. Placing the circles’ creation squarely into the “Golden Age”, an age of myth when giants and gods where supposed to have lived on Earth alongside humans, Lessing went a step further and established these gods as extra-terrestrial benefactors to the human race. Upon their departure, Lessing goes on in her narration, these friendly creatures established the circles as a kind of natural antennae to maintain communication with their proud creation: the peaceful cultures on planet Rohanda. At the bottom left is an image of the coast and coastal desert of Namibia in Southwest Africa. Above that is a view of West Africa. Finally, the landshape on the right presents a slight departure from reality, because it was fun to recreate my home environment according to my own esthetics. I chose to envision my native Jutland (the peninsula that constitutes mainland Denmark and the Scandinavian North of Germany) without signs of its dense population. (I grew up on the western shore of the narrow bay in the bottom right of the picture.) | | | Resource Center | EP Store & Gallery

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